Long Distance Learning Writing Homework Help

Describe an issue that impacts distance-education learning. Theselected issue can be a faculty issue, student issue, or administrativeissue. Examine the issue and its significance to distance education.

Assumethat you are in a leadership position for the development of eithernursing or patient education. Propose strategies on how yourorganization can meet challenges posed by the issue you selected inorder to continue providing quality distance-education learning. Supportyour proposal by incorporating evidence-based literature and relevantprofessional standards.

This assignment may be completed in one of the formats (with quantitative criteria) listed below 

  1. PowerPoint presentation with comprehensive speakers’ notes (12-15 slides)
  2. Podcast (10-15 minutes)
  3. Blog or Web page (1,000-1,250 words)

Inaddition to the course materials, you are required to use a minimum ofthree current scholarly, evidence-based, peer-reviewed resources (lessthan 5 years old).

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