Magine That You Are A Reporter Who Is Writing A Biographical Article About Phoenix In Eudora Welty S A Worn Path

Imagine that you are a reporter who iswriting a biographical article about Phoenix in Eudora Welty’s “A Worn Path.”You are writing about Phoenix when she is a young woman raising her children.Write a 600 word (two-page) account,or biography, of Phoenix’s life of a young woman. What experiences did shehave? What events shaped her? What is she doing? What kind person is she? Usingthe information in Eudora Welty’s story as a basis, create the character ofPhoenix as a young woman. As you think about this project, you may want toconsider Phoenix’s beliefs, family, and way of speaking. Be creative!

PartB will be worth fifty points. Your grade will be based on the followingcriteria:

Project Grading Table(Teacher Use Only)

Points Possible

Points Earned

Does your reader get a clear idea of whatPhoenix is like as a young woman?


Do you relate your character to theevents in “A Worn Path” in some way?


Do you make some mention of the influenceof religion and children on Phoenix?


Do you use complete sentences and correctpunctuation?


Is your essay free of spelling andgrammatical errors?


This needs to be a biography starting for example Phoenix jackson was born before the civil was in 1854…( you may invent some aspects but always going along with the story…please do good work)

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