Malware 2021

Please use the web to search for at least two articles related to one of the 6 common types of malware (refer to Table 5-1 on Page 215 for details). Feel free to visit the FBI website to read more about cybercrime, one of the FBI’s top priorities. Or search key term “hacker” in the search engine to see the websites and online resources available for hackers.

Trojan Horse
Your articles can be about one of the latest malware news, Or a well-known virus attack, such as the one targeted Microsoft Outlook users in May 2000.

Summarize your findings and provide a general statement of your personal opinion as it relates to the articles. Be sure to include all references.





Malware 2021

Today, malware is evolving and becoming more dangerous and unpredictable. In the wake of 2021, there has been a drastic rise in malware across the world. This essay provides an in-depth analysis of the new malware and a comprehensive review of the previous malware that caused innumerable damages across the world.

One of the most recent viruses is the Fake Coronavirus. This virus spreads through emails containing tips on protecting the ongoing pandemic disguised sent by the WHO (Safety Detectives). This email prompts users to click on a link to access credible information about COVID-19. Once the user falls prey to this virus, it infects the computer with the emotet malware. This virus copies sensitive files in the computer and steals the information. The Fake Coronavirus targets individuals and quickly spreads in South Asia, and has had unrepaired damage in Japan.

In 2000, the malicious “I love you” virus invaded the US, causing devastating damage. The virus was designed in emails targeting Microsoft Outlook users. Initially, the user would receive an email with the subject reading I LOVE YOU” with a LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU file attached to the email. Once the user downloaded the infected file, the malware would overwrite or hide files in JPG, MP2, and MP3 format in the computer. After this, the malware would duplicate itself and run wild to all of Outlook users’ addresses. Efforts to replace the files would crash the machine (AnyRun).

In surmise, the fake coronavirus email virus is dangerous as it is impossible to recover stolen data. On the other hand, although people are aware of spam emails’ dangers in modern contemporary times, viruses will still spread as the emails are hard to miss in the uncluttered mailbox.

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