Managers Leaders Need To Understand How Data Increases Their Ability To Link Information Performance And Strategy More Effectively To Make Sound Decisions Business Analysis Help

Business Analysis

•Apply statistical analysis tools to evaluate data.

•Interpret statistical results, apply to decision-making, argue a decision,and write a report. 

Managers/Leadersneed to understand how data increases their ability to link information,performance, and strategy more effectively to make sound decisions. Byidentifying how business processes and operations link to data, organizationscan turn that data into information that can be used for decision-making purposes.  For instance, many organizations use differentsources of information for planning, trends analysis, and managingperformance. For the final part of the project, you will see thesignificance of decision making in relation to data analysis. 

For this section of your paper, present your findings from thedata you have collected, and discuss what this information means as aManager/Leader. Also, be sure to speak to what decisions can be made based uponthis output, and identify any gaps that may be present. If there are gaps,would a qualitative study help the decision-making process, or do you need to consider more data inputs? Be sure todefend/justify your reasoning with critical analysis, and academic sourceswhere needed. Remember, it is important to use thought leaders work to addcredence to your own analysis to defend your own analysis.

Be sure your paper is written with 6thedition APA guidelines, and should be at least 6 pages in length (excluding thetitle and reference page)

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