Marge Piercy S Barbie Doll Writing Homework Help Research Paper

MLA Format please. Attached below are instructions for research paper. The following topic for this assignment is:

Select one of the authors listed below, and find one longer work or two short works by that author to analyze and discuss in your essay. For example, if you enjoyed Marge Piercy’s “Barbie Doll” select another two or three poems by Piercy (but not “Barbie Doll” as it was listed!). Your essay should be a close, critical analysis of the work or works, including an assertive thesis.  Do not provide a biography of the author or a summary of the texts; instead, your thesis must be a claim about the work or works that represents your interpretation and that is supported with textual evidence. Note that while all of the following authors are listed, not all authors are acceptable choices for this assignment: you may not choose an author other than one of those listed.  Authors:  Marge Piercy, William Shakespeare, William Carlos Williams, Gerard Manley Hopkins, Dorothy Parker, Maya Angelou, Dylan Thomas, and Dudley Randall

Also, Provide 1 page presentation summary of how the research relates to your research essay topic. 

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