Marketing Channel Strategy MRKT 310 Week 6 Discussion Question Topic 2

MRKT 310 Week 6 discussionquestion topic 2 

TOPIC 2 – Marketing Channel Strategy

Actions for TOPIC 2 – Marketing ChannelStrategy

Picka product for one of the three distribution strategies (intensive,selective, or exclusive). Note your product and the distribution strategy,and then discuss why you feel the distribution strategy is most appropriatefor that product based on the factors listed above in the week’sreadings. 

Forexample, Lexus automobiles are distributed selectively. Customers tend to beupper middle class who want an affordable (as they define it) luxury car thatis highly dependable. Because of the service component, dealerships need tobe all-inclusive for services needed for a Lexus and be as close to theirtarget market as possible, e.g., upscale neighborhoods. But because Lexus isa car dealership, it can’t be directly located in an upscale neighborhood.The car dealer needs to be able to serve a geographic area that is easy toreach and where customers are willing to drive, and the best choice may belocations visible from highways driven by upscale members of the targetmarket as they drive between home, work, and errands. A Lexus dealershipwants to be located near competitive offerings to ensure the target marketconsiders Lexus. It also makes it easy to shop the competition and toincrease the value of the brand by being associated with likeproducts. 

Dothe same type of description (BUT SHORTER) for each of the three distributionstrategies with a product of your choice.

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