Marketing: Samsung Galaxy S10

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Samsung Galaxy S10


Samsung is a giant, leading innovative technology company located in Korea. The company deals with a wide range of electronics such as TV, audio systems, Fridges, and smartphones. Over the last decade, its flagship Samsung Galaxy S10 android mobile phone has gained global popularity and has become a market leader in the Asia Pacific region. The product has undergone robust development and production to become a complete and advanced mobile phone today.

Samsung Galaxy S10 is loaded with advanced software and applications and is rated as the best in the android market.  The smartphone has a 6.1inch display screen; the smartphone has a 3040×1440 pixel resolution that displays outstanding images. It has a doubt front and back with a soft flash camera lens that allows one to take clear pictures. It has been proven to be the market leader due to its new advanced increase in storage size and the slim thickness and lightweight characteristics. It also boasts top-notch audio speakers specifically installed to cater to a broad audience (Samsung, 2020).

Currently, the Samsung Galaxy S10 retails at a reasonably affordable price favorable for the target market. The different series of the model ranges between $ 300 -$900 in the US market. Although the price range varies, the standard price is fair and within the budget for most customers. Moreover, its highly rated integrated features are equitable to the price.

Samsung Galaxy S10 is an ideal android and appeals to a significant market. The product serves a wide range of young and old consumers in the same categories, such as power use user-friendliness, simplicity, high-quality images/videos, high-level browsing, and storing large files. Designed and manufactured in Korea, the smartphone has a robust and saturated market in the uptown states in the West. The smartphone is readily available in retail electronics shops in all major towns or cities in the US and the UK. Furthermore, with the company’s advanced technological systems, it is possible to shop directly from the official Samsung website at relatively the same time and have it shipped across the world.

Over the years, Samsung has conducted massive campaigns through various channels to reach the global community. Through a series of niche marketing, mass media marketing, the company has disseminated the relevant information to consumers to increase brand awareness and influence buyers’ behavior. Today, Samsung Galaxy S10 is well known and has become a staple household brand for many people worldwide. It has attracted a robust and dynamic customer base, both online and offline. Samsung is a well-positioned brand that has gained the consumers’ attention and leverages to convert and engage potential customers into actual transactions. Through numerous partnerships, massive public relations campaigns, email marketing, and video marketing, it has penetrated the upstate market.

The buying process is a continuous process that requires all the parties to collaboratively work together to convert potential clients into actual clients and retain them for future purchases. Samsung has established a chain of affiliated websites, affiliate sites, blogging, discounts, product reviews, and e-commerce to convert the potential leads into customers. This involves intensive marketing to reach a broad audience of people from all backgrounds. Following this, marketing employs multiple marketing techniques to various segments to provide a detailed company outlook. Like most technological companies, Samsung will incorporate demographic and geographic segmentation to cater to the customers’ varying tastes and preferences. Traditionally the ideal Samsung Galaxy S10 customer is ideal for the middle-aged working-class professional who wants to stay in touch with the latest technologies in the market. The smartphone is most suitable for people who love taking good photos, requiring extra memory space, and adventurous people because it is easily portable. Since its launch in the market, the software updates have improved to enhance performance; therefore, it is a suitable product for heavy browsers and computer-savvy people.

Customers shape the trajectory of every business; every market leader needs to know customer preferences and tastes. In this regard, it is pertinent to establish a research methodology that best suits your target market. Samsung is a famous brand that has a lot of customers across the world. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a brand that reflects and incorporates people’s thoughts, opinions, and ideas from all walks of life. My first plan of action would be to include explorative and descriptive study design to ensure that all the research variables are incorporated into the research. Secondly, there will be online surveys and interviews to gather data on the various factors affecting customer uses and attitudes, such as user experience, product reviews, customer care support, and software updates. After the comprehensive analysis of this data, this research will gather viable, credible, and correct information on factors that shape the consumers’ users and attitudes

Samsung’s marketing strategy comprises three essential activities conducted in a sequence to ensure a brand’s success. These include segmentation, targeting, and positioning.  Segmentation is associated with dividing consumers of a particular product into distinct groups based on their typical behaviors. Targeting involves selecting a sample population and labeling them as consumers of a specific product or service. Lastly, positioning refers to choosing the most appropriate marketing mix that aligns with the target customer segment. Over the last decade, Samsung focuses on demographic and geographic, and behavioral segmentation to reach its clients. The company leverages its vast network to conduct massive segmentation across the world.  Samsung products such as Samsung Galaxy S 10 have a very high investment return. Therefore these products are marketed on the notion that they will have high turnover. Samsung actively targets clients in more than 80 countries worldwide for its flagship product Samsung Galaxy S10. Most of the segmentations are conducted in rural and urban areas and are made up of people between 18 and 65. The company’s current demographic segmentation consists of both males and females in equal share. A significant percentage of these people are students, working-class, and married couples.   The company’s behavioral segment is the most vibrant and has a very high turnover. The choice of smartphone one uses highly attributed to their personality and behavior. In this regard, Samsung has established the most determined, trendy, and computer savvy people to market they highly advanced and complete level android smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S10 is a top-rated smartphone in the market. Its user-friendly user interface, high-quality images/ videos, large storage capacity have made it gained international recognition as the most advanced smartphone in the market.  With the massive marketing and campaigns every year, the smartphone will continue to dominate the market.

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