MBA Reflection


Assignment: Individual Reflection: BPPG Part Two: Completing the MBA Program Assessment Comprehensive Exam provided by Peregrine Academic Services and Completing Your Reflection Journal




Part 2B: Completing Your BPPG Reflection Journal


Assignment Instructions:


For Part 2B of this Assignment, recall the concepts or topics you selected as part of your Executive Summary in Part 1. It is now time to bring this commitment to life. To do this, identify concrete action items that will support your goal to deepen your personal learning experience in the coming year. Then, consider the following:

  • What can you do now to integrate the experiences and insights you had in the MBA program with your personal and professional development goals?
  • What are the most important things you are taking from your MBA program that will shape your future and enable you to make a positive difference?
  • You wrote an entry into your BPPG in the first course that asked you to reflect on what you might say if you were giving a commencement speech. Review that entry now. Would you change it? If so, go ahead and revise it!

Write a detailed action plan for one new goal for professional and personal development (you will continue to build on the list of goals you started in your previous course). Include the following in your action plan:

  • Your specific goal for professional and personal development with an explanation as to why you selected the goal. Be sure to provide concrete and specific examples of why the goal is important, the extent to which this goal enables you to be an agent for positive social change, the personal or professional value you expect from achieving each goal, and how the goal relates to the resources you reviewed in the course.
  • At least two objectives for the goal you have identified. Provide a rationale that explains how your objectives support the go


    MBA Reflection

    In the last couple of years, the MBA program has been a great eye-opener in the chaotic world of business. The program has given me a solid understanding of the various business functions and how they interplay to fulfill the purpose of the business.  The program helped me view businesses as a solution to common social problems in society. As a person who is optimistic about social change through science and academia, it has been an exceptional journey. I have been able to integrate the different concepts to formulate policies to solving pressing issues in society (Shobhit, 2019).  During the MBA, I gained insightful knowledge in finance, marketing, human resource managemnent, strategic management, and business administration at a multi-disciplinary level.

    This holistic approach has given me a firm foundation in handling businesses as an enterprise but also as a social function. Through the academic theories embedded in the curriculum, I have learned to analyze financial and managerial risks, enhance employee engagement, and boost productivity through adequate staffing and incentives. Now more than ever, I am comfortable preparing financial records, controlling budgetary allocations, attracting new investment prospects, and establish strategic sales and marketing guidelines. In the course of my training, I have learned the essence of aligning the business goal with the business strategy (Shobhit, 2019).  Doing this creates a strategic approach to conflict resolution, employee engagement, and lessens errors. The knowledge and insights gained throughout my MBA program have harnessed my traits. I can critically analyze financial markets and come up with viable solutions. The program changed my perspective on the sale profit context, which focuses on the capacity of a company’s financial index rather than impact in society.

    In the course of the program, I gained knowledge on how companies identify and analyze the best suitable strategies to gain a competitive edge over other firms as well as achieve operational goals (Mazharul, 2013). Through the strategic management module, I learned that businesses utilize the SWOT analysis to get a clear picture of the exit and entry barriers to make the right decisions. The competitive organizational environment is determined by the power to plan and predict for unforeseen contingencies.

    Throughout the MBA program, I grasped the importance of using the Kaizen tools to merge the employees with the business strategy. I have learned the most crucial asset in an organization is the people. The use of Kaizen tools facilitates the provision of instruction-based organizational activities that creates a good relationship between employees and leaders. Exposure to real-world life challenges helped me grasp major concepts in business planning, company consulting, and academic based projects. The practicality approach of the program created a linkage on the innate possibility of applying theoretical knowledge in solving real-world problems.

    Over interaction with the4 P’s of marketing, I understood the primary drivers of branding and advertising as well as fundamental expertise on market structures (Tyler, 2015). The program’s emphasis on incorporating academic theories in the curriculum enabled me to understand the business excellence models as the foundation of organizational culture. The principles and practices include values and concepts that boost the success of world-class organizations (Sorin-George, 2018).  In today’s world, the MBA program should provide executive based knowledge to facilitate the formulation of policies and leaders that solves real-life world issues. With the incorporation of academic theories and cross-cutting research, MBA students should be able to offer viable solutions to the soaring pressing needs such as global warming.



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