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Assignment 3: Measures of Crime

Measuring crime can be adifficult process. By its very nature, crime is something that goesundetected. Law enforcement has developed a variety of techniques totrack crime, such as police reports and victim reports. The FederalBureau of Investigation (FBI) uses the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR)Program for tracking crime; it reports crime in more than one way. Allcrime reporting and tracking systems categorize crime and have certainlimitations.

Measuring crime involves tracking statistics such asdemographic information and moderator variables related to the crimes.Moderator variables are any third variable in a correlation that affectsthe relationship between the first two variables. For example, we mayfind that gender is related to violent crime with a higher percentage ofmales engaging in violent behavior. However, a moderator variable wouldbe age, with the highest percentage of violent offenders being belowthe age of 30.

Research US crime statistics using the ArgosyUniversity online library resources and the Internet. You can also usethe following:

  • US Department of Justice, The Federal Bureau of Investigation. (2009). 2008 crime in the United States: About crime in the U.S. Retrieved from

Select a crime and write a report addressing the following:

  • Summarizethe statistics from the last two reporting years. Be sure to includedemographic information such as ethnicity, race, age, gender, maritalstatus, employment status, socioeconomic group, etc., and moderatorvariables related to the crime.
  • Examine the reliability andvalidity of these statistics. Are they accurate? Why or why not? Be sureto discuss how age, gender, race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic levelare related to offending and representation in the criminal justicesystem.
  • Explain whether certain populations are overrepresented in the statistics. If so, why?

Use the textbook and peer-reviewed sources to support your arguments.

Write a 2–3-page report in Word format. Apply APA standards to citation of sources

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