Your cover memo should answer the following questions:
1) What difficulties did you have while writing the paper?
2) What do you believe went well while writing the paper?
3) Are there any parts you are particularly satisfied or dissatisfied with?
4) What did you learn from writing this essay?













When writing an essay, it is pertinent to have an in-depth outline that covers all the aspects of an essay. Taking note of all the critical points at the beginning avoids confusion and saves time. Writing this essay was a formidable task as I could not draft a comprehensive outline of all the elements I needed to cover. It took me a relatively long time to analyze the topic and write a solid strategy that matches the topic. In the beginning, I could not filter the main ideas necessary and pertinent for this essay.

During the research phase, it was easy to access resources that contained viable and credible information. Although this essay did not require many references, it was easy to find appropriate online and offline resources to inform this study.  Retrieving the resources was a seamless process, thus did not take much of my time.

While writing the paper, I was happy that I clearly illustrated my love for dreaming and exploring the world. It was interesting to write about what I am passionate about and gave me so much joy (New College University of Toronto, 2019). Initially, I was hesitant to share my story, as I did not know the target audience. The thought of putting me out there stressed me up and made me anxious. Moreover, I was displeased with the word count limit as I could not write about all my adventures in great detail.

Writing this essay was refreshing and also an exciting journey down memory lane. It was an awesome experience reminiscing on all my adventures and the various ways they have impacted my life. This was an interesting exercise that I plan to practice from now onwards.


New College University of Toronto. (2019). Top 3 Challenges of Writing a Good Essay (and How to Overcome Them). Retrieved from New College University of Toronto:



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