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Dave Matthews owns Dancing Nancies Incorporated (DNI) and you work for him as a mobile application developer.  Dave is in a meeting with you where someone throws out the phrase “Android fragmentation”.  DNI is heavily involved in Android mobile application.  When Dave hears “Android fragmentation”, he jumps up from the table and shouts “What the heck is Android fragmentation?  Is this something that could crush us?”  Dave turns to you, his most trusted developer, and asks you to write a memo that explains Android fragmentation and its impact to his company.


  1. You shall write a well written business memo to Mr. Matthews that covers the issue presented in the overview.
  2. The memo shall not be more than 400 words.
  3. Your memo shall present some pros and cons of Android fragmentation.
  4. Your memo shall include properly cited research information from at least two sources; one can be the textbook.

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