MS Project Week 2 Work Breakdown Structure Business And Finance Homework Help

You have been tasked with the project of organizing a company offsite 2-day training session in which people are brought in from different parts of the country. This entails everything from preparation, accommodations, and facilities. Create a Microsoft® Project file for the project that includes the following: Create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) that includes all project tasks (hierarchically grouped) and durations.Establish task precedence relationships.Show milestones and deliverables. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment. NOTE: The project plan should have a minimum of 25 tasks total. Each project phase (i.e., analysis, design, etc) should have a minimum of 5 tasks. Think about all the activities (trainers, accommodations, food, presentations, etc) that need to be accomplished in order to host a 2 day training event. Don’t forget to add the actual training event plus wrap-up activities.

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