Musical Theatre Speech Paper

Write your speech paper on one of the following musicals :
West Side Story 1961
Miss Saigon 2016
Chicago 2002
Cabaret 1972
Les Misérables 2012

The film takes us on a whirlwind experience of the vices ailing society. It portrays the risks and hurdles law enforcements go through to bring law defaulters to book. The film showcases the extreme measures law offenders go to avoid facing the law.

The keywords that depict ideas in the show include law, police, parole, identity, and prisoner. The film’s central purpose is to unravel the vices deeply rooted in the prison system, limiting the prosecution of law offenders.  This film is anchored on crime that makes up majority of the cases in court. It also shows the law enforcement’s commitment to solving crimes despite the painstaking vigorous, and tiresome processes that can take a toll on the officer’s personal life.

The creative team perfectly presents crime as the central theme in this film. From the beginning, the film showcases numerous examples that match up thematic statements, such as in the preliminary stages when the main character is released from prison on parole but breaks his parole and conceals his real identity to escape the penalty. Crime is also evident during the skirmishes when Thernadier steals Marius ring and accuses Valjean. One of the notable songs representing the theme is the “Look down” song played in the introductory part of the film when Valjean is released from prison.

The overall music sensation was loud sensational and matched the aura of the various settings presented in the film. The music evokes pleasant emotions that make the audience enjoy the show. Also, music provides an intimate connection between the main characters, the settings and the audience that allows seamless thematic statements. The song castle on a cloud played mostly during Cassette’s takes presents her as a symbol of love and strength. This song features similar characteristics to Hairspray’s plot.

This music exhibits minimal dances; instead, the characters are pictured singing in unison. This act evokes feelings of happiness and keeps the audience more engaged to watch the film. At first glance, the archaic setting is visually appealing. In furtherance, the siting of the barricades at the onset of the skirmishes creates a spectacle that lingers in the audience for a long time.

In her first long act, Francine sings out loud the show-stopping” I Dreamed a Dream” in agony, passion and violence (Manohla, 2012). My most dramatic moment while watching the musical is the intimate, realistic performances grounded in real human emotion. In the history of theatre, this is a rare practice. Vajilean- Cunning, Strong and ambitious. He singlehandedly managed to swap his identity and fool his friends. He is a key figure in the skirmishes as he rescues Marius and Cossette. Despite his struggles, he became a respected factory owner and mayor.

Les Miserables is an enthralling film that gives numerous eye-popping spectacles to solidify the thematic statements.


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