My Experience as an Interviewer

Non-fiction narrative writing is a way to convey a story or event in order to explain or prove a point. For this task, you will need to reflect on how personal experiences have shaped your literacy development. Literacy refers to reading and writing for the purpose of acquiring knowledge. You will write a narrative essay that draws on your personal experiences in order to illustrate an idea. You do not have to complete any research on the topic. Your evidence or support will be in the form of personal experiences, reflections, details, and examples relevant to the idea that you present.

Note: Choose only one of the following topics for your essay.

• Narrate an experience you had with a writing or reading task that you found (or still find) difficult or challenging. Explain the significance of this experience.

• Describe an important moment or event in your literacy development. Explain the significance of this event.

• Narrate a time when your literacy skills have helped you achieve a personal goal or accomplishment. Explain the significance of this accomplishment.

• Describe a time when you have used reading or writing to learn in an environment other than the classroom. Explain the significance of this event.


















My Experience as an Interviewer

During the summer break of 2019, my friends and I visited our local library for an acting class. It was one of the best memories growing up.  Although I was doing it for fun since childhood, I have always had the passion and desire to be on stage. A large group had shown up in the auditorium, and a crowd was slowly gathering. At exactly 2 pm, the lead planner welcomed everyone to the event. Following this, he requested everyone interested in acting to come to the podium. A crowd quickly gathered in a podium. The acting guide asked us to stand in pairs and presented the scenario we were supposed to act on paper. According to the instructions, we had to brainstorm and come with a list of questions to ask an interviewee.  The whole play was supposed to take an average of 10 minutes. We listed down the interview questions and visualized the whole scenario, and then proceeded to the queue leading into the podium. After 10 minutes, the panelist ushered us on stage. It was a nerve wrecking walking in a podium filled to the brim.  I could see the stern gazes from the audience, but I gathered more courage to set up the stage and commenced.

In the first phase of the interview I ushered the interviewee onset and, welcomed him and introduced myself. As soon as he entered the podium, my pen slipped from my hands and rolled on the ground. When I was preparing to stand up and pick, he quickly glanced at me and told me that he would be glad to pick it for you kindly. I sat down as he went on his knees to pick the pen and handed it to me.  The interviewee’s kindness and humility drew the audience’s attention, and I could hear silent jitters and cheers for the crowd. As this was happening, I was briefly writing down my first thoughts about the interviewee in my notebook.  Afterward, I commenced the interview by asking the interviewee to introduce himself briefly. As soon as he started speaking, I opened a blank page and started jolting down his overall performance in the interview.

Throughout this process, I was jotting down the key points and highlights about the interviewee. I was also reading out the questions to him. Although I was nervous, I had no prior experience multitasking between reading and writing. I still managed to jolt a few responses about his background. The interview progressed well with a few poses in between, but the process flowed smoothly. Also during the interview, the interviewee would candidly seek clarification for the questions that seemed vague (Devin, 2017). On the other hand, I kept reassuring him about his answers through gestures such as nodding my head. Other times I urged him to raise his voice so that I could hear his response. By continuously writing and reading, I became more present in the scenario, and we began to have a rapport. We discussed in detail the position and his role in the presumed office. It was truly an eye-opening experience that illustrated the key details that make up coherent, smooth-flowing conversations. However, amidst the interview, I drifted a little as time was running out, and I had not managed to cover the required number of questions. I quickly recollected myself and allowed the interviewee to ask me any questions. In a calm and collected voice, the interviewee looked at the crowd and said, you are an amazing actor. For a moment, I was shocked and confused. Then he explained that all the people who had shown up at the event had been assigned an actor to interview. At this point, I was elated, with tears on my face; I thanked him for the honor and platform.

At the back auditorium, I could hear the audience jittering. I learned the importance of precise and concise spelling, grammar, punctuation, and the need to read keenly and in a cohesive manner so that your target audience can grasp and comprehend easily (Devin, 2017). This experience was a learning curve for me as I  was able to master the art of multitasking, critical thinking, presentation, and general analysis. Throughout this experience, I gained hands-on experience on the various skills and techniques to draw in and maintain an audience’s attention. Furthermore acting in front of large crowd instill confidence ad boosted my self-esteem. For a moment I felt a strong conviction to get out of my comfort zone and pursue all my goals and ambitions.

Acting on stage was an exciting experience that will forever be etched in the back of my mind. Through this process, I was able to master and articulate my thoughts and ideas in a clear manner.  With constant repetition of the words, I grasped the importance of effective communication skills so that the interview can grasp the question and answer it accordingly. In a nutshell this experienced was an eye opening experience.


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