Nations Of Europe Were Looking For Any Incendiary Event To Go To War History Homework Help

Discussion response needed:

Afterreading this week’s material, I believe that the nations of Europe werelooking for any incendiary event to go to war. With Germany eager toinvade neighboring nations, war was inevitable, and could have beensparked by any event, if not Ferdinand’s death.

Similar to heaving an anchor off deck, the declaration of war onSerbia from Austria pulled the rope of European nations into war. WithAlliances having been formed and strengthened over the decades, more andmore nations declared war on their neighbors. Germany declared war onRussia and France, soon after the Austrian declaration. Soon after theinvasion of Belgium by Germany, Great Britain made their own declarationof war on Germany. 

The bloodlust of the German nation combined with thepreviously-formed public and secret alliances erupted the fire of war inEurope as soon as the flint and tinder of Ferdinand’s assassination wasstruck.

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