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In this class exercises/homework

Each week, you will be assigned in class exercises from those relevant to the reading assignments and will discuss your experiences with your peers using the question provided for the exercises to help develop your ideas. If not completed in class they may be assigned as homework. Important Note: if you are not present in class, exercises will not be made available or made up.

Research paper:

students will write on a topic relevant to course material or a topic that interests and resonates with your personally.The major purpose of the paper is to demonstrate your understanding of the topic through the synthesis and critique of relevant research findings from peer-reviewed articles in the NU library databases,e.g..PsycARTICLESor PsycINFO. Correct use of APA format is an essential part of the paper.

Consult the publication manual of the american psychological association (2010,6th ed.), if you are unfamiliar with the new rules of APA style

Important Note: All written assignments are routinely checked for plagiarism using the school’s plagiarism software. Plagiarism is defined as:”the presentation of some else’s ideas or work as one’s own. As such plagiarism constitutes fraud or theft. Plagiarism or academic dishonesty in any form is a grave offense and will not be tolerated” (National Universty, General Catalog, p 49)

Your paper will include:(4-5 pages) in order to get all your points, it should include the following ( your outline should be completed by 5/11

1. Cover page

2. Abstract page

2. A summary of the technique you used, and your rationale for choosing that particular technique (2-3 pages)

2. Your personal experiences with the technique : what was it like for you? how would have experienced it at the intended age? What did you learn? (1 pages)

3. An explanation about what worked for you about this technique, and what could be improved.(1 pages)

4. Reference page

5. Presentations

Students will present on a topic relevant to course material or a topic that interests and resonates with you personally. The major purpose of the 

 cognitive psychology book By E bruce goldstein 3rd edition

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