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Describe the transformation of the graph y = 2^x-4 from the parent graph, y = 2^x

a. translated 4 units left and 1 unit up.

b. translated 4 units right and 1 unit up.

c. translated 4 units left and 1 unit down.

d. translated 4 units right and 1 unit down.

The amount ​g​ (in trillions of cubic feet) of natural gas consumed in the United States from 1940 to 1970 can be modeled by the equation below, where ​t​ is the number of years since 1940.

g​ = 2.91(1.07)​t

Estimate the natural gas consumption in 1945.

a. 4.12 trillion cubic feet.

b. 4.08 trillion cubic feet

c. 61.12 trillion cubic feet

d. 15.57 trillion cubic feet

Which exponential growth model would model the following situation:

You buy a commemorative coin for $105. Each year ​t​, the value ​V​ of the coin increases by 3%

a. V​ = 105(0.03)​t

b. V​ = 0.03(105)​t

c. V​ = 105(1.03)​t

d. V​ = 105(3)​t

The student enrollment ​E​ of a high school was 1200 in 1990 and increased by 12% per year until 1998. Which exponential growth model shows the school’s student enrollment in terms of ​t​, the number of years since 1990?

a. E​ = 12(1200)​t

b. E​ = 1200(1.12)​t

c. E​ = 1200(12)​t

d. E​ = 1.15(1240)t

You deposit $1500 in a bank account. Find the balance after 2 years if the account has an interest rate of 2.5% and is compounded monthly.

a. $9375

b. $1575.94

c. $1576.82

d. $1506.27

You want to have $3000 in your bank account after 5 years. How much should you deposit into a bank account that pays 3.25% interest compounded quarterly? Round to the nearest dollar.

a. $2551

b. $2881

c. $3527

d. $2552

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