Network Design Assignment Help

After finishing the network topology and started learning the specifics of wired Ethernet, wireless network, and WAN, it’s time to think about the big picture and how to put things together. This project require you to submit a detailed network diagram for a fictional small business – TransWorld Software Limited Inc. The detail about the company and the project are in the write-up.

Deliverables:Your task is to a preliminary design of a network that meet TransWorld’s statedrequirements. You will be submitting1. A proposed detailed network diagram to the management for discussion.2. A summary of your proposed network design. The summary should explain thefollowing issues to the management:• What are you proposing (explanation of the proposed network)?• How does your proposed design meet the business requirements?• Which way should the company go? In-house hosting of Internet servers vs.outsourcing these services to ISP.

check attchment for details

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