No Child Left Behind That Significantly Affect Students With LD Writing Homework Help

What are the features of No Child Left Behind that significantly affect students with LD?

Students very understandably confuse NCLB, IDEA, the ADA, and other ‘laws’ that have been enacted regarding education. Please make sure you are referring to what you understand, checking your understanding with non-judgmental/non-political sources, and really think about the fundamental basis for IDEA – what does it look to protect?

Minimum of 150 words with in-text citation(s) and reference(s).

Shortly after NCLB’s implementation, IDEA, which was enacted 13 years prior, was reauthorized (2004) to try and align more with NCLB as NCLB had direct contradictions to IDEA. Try and locate these differences as it may help you answer this prompt.

Evaluate instructional strategies and curriculum designs for students with learning disabilities. Which strategies are most useful in your classroom with the age group you teach? What elements of curriculum development and program design will help students with LD succeed?

Minimum of 150 words with in-text citation(s) and reference(s).

Here are a couple of resources to add to the discussion:

In a separate document:

Interview a teacher of students with LD. Discuss skills necessary in organizing and planning strategies for effective classroom management, including:



Lesson plans

Homework strategies

Record keeping

Selecting instructional materials

Observe the teacher’s classroom management. Discuss your observations with the teacher. In an essay of 1,500-1,750- words, summarize your learning experience and key insights gained in this visit. Be prepared to discuss your interview in class.

In a separate document:

Begin creating a reading lesson using GCU Student Class Profile provided.

For this week you are only expected to complete the standards, differentiation, objective, and assessment portions of this lesson.

Be sure to:

Use the standards from your state (common core is the default setting).

Explicitly address how to differentiate instruction for students needing extra assistance.

Address different learning styles (auditory, kinesthetic, and visual).

Make objectives observable and measurable.

Reflect upon the assessment: how will you assess students?  Why?

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