No Good Deed Goes Unpunished Management Homework Help

This is a team work and my job is finish the rest from the word file page 14 “culture web analysis” to the end and add reference on the last page.  

please read the book on page 116 and use your own word for the “culture web analysis” then finish the rest part based on the case and the previous paragraph which my teammates already finished. 

The case is on the back of the book

Thank you.

As below is my professor post on the blackboard.


Read the case,“No Good Deed Goes Unpunished”. Notice that this case was written by another professor and me as a learning opportunity for our students. Yes, this really did happen in a major metropolitan area in the U.S.


1.Your team has been hired by the Arts Festival to help them, because they realize the problems with Mark and the drug store are extremely serious. The board of the Arts Festival is worried about their credibility and reputation in the community.

2.You were hired, because the Festival’s leadership cannot do this for themselves. What that means for you is that they do not need generic answers. They need specifics. For example, do not explain what “readiness to change” means. Instead, assess readiness to change and give your client your results. If they are not ready to change, where do they need to change? Specificity is your friend.

3.This is not a creative writing exercise even though you are working with creative people. This is a technical report that needs to be straightforward and concise.

4. This case will take you through analysis and recommendation, but will stop before the implementation plan.


7. Analyze/ Map the organization’s culture by explaining each component of the Cultural Web as it relates to the case. What are the notable aspects of the culture?

8. Diagnose structural dilemmas by using the table from the Structural Dilemmas file found in Course Materials. You will need to reproduce the table to show your analysis.(Did you include your findings here in your large diagnosis model in question 6 above? If not, you missed something.) You MUST interpret the meaning of the score for your client, not in generic terms, but in terms that apply directly to your client.

9. Assess the organization’s readiness to change by completing exercise 4.3 on page 128. You will need to reproduce the table to show your analysis. Interpret the results of the table.*

*Note:At this point, analysis is completed. You should see all of the pieces fitting neatly together, such that readiness for change is noted as either a strength or weakness, structural dilemmas are classified as either a strength or weakness, and opportunities and threats are all conditions over which the organization has not control. They simply exist and must be taken into consideration before you make you recommendations.

10. Identify your recommendation for either first-order or second-order change and provide a short explanation about why you chose this level of change.

11. List your primary change recommendations. We will work on the implementation plan in the next step, so a well developed list with reasons is sufficient at this point.

12. Write a conclusion to this piece.

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