Objective Locate Information About A Specific Legal Issue Using Search Queries


  1. Access Case Study #1, the Mountainburg Arkansas Accident report from the NTSB,at the textbook companion web site by clicking here (Links to an external site.).
  2. Read the case study above; assuming your law office has been hired by the school district to bring a civil lawsuit against the trucking company, identify one legal issue related to the case that you would like to focus on for your research plan.
  3. In your research plan, be sure to include answers to the following:
    • What is the issue or legal question to be researched for this case?
    • Which jurisdiction, locality, county is involved?
    • What types of resources will you use to find facts to support your client’s case?
    • Where are the resources located?
    • Which online resources are appropriate for this search?

Paper #2


  1. Review your research plan from Week 2 Assignment 1.
  2. Use the online resources that you identified in your research plan, develop specific search queries appropriate for the search engine(s) or database(s) you are using.
  3. Use your search queries to gather online resources and list them for future reference, including title, publisher or organization, and URL.
  4. Write an internal memorandum to your supervisor, Attorney Owen Mason, summarizing the results of your research.In a brief 1-page memo to Attorney Mason, describe the results of your research and include at least five resources (title, publisher or organization, and URL) that directly relate to the issue

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