Occupational Limitations Parkinson S Disease Health And Medicine Homework Help

Addressing Occupational Limitations from Parkinson’s Disease with the Older Adult OT Client Population. 

Assignment #3:Applying one life balance perspective to a selected OT client population

Section I: Overview(approximately 2 pages)

  • Describe the selected client population, the nature of the disabilities being experienced, and the associated OT-related needs.Do NOT choose clients with TBI.
  • Explain the challenges that exist because of the disabilities experienced.
  • Briefly discuss any research that has been done to examine the problems encountered by this population regarding functional limitations and the effectiveness of existing OT interventions. Utilize primary sources (in addition to the article in question) to support your assertions.
  • Describe any strategies and interventions currently in use and/or programs implemented to address the issues resulting from limitations in functioning for this population.

Section II: Applications and Implications(approximately 3 pages)

  • Explain the ways in which the selected Life Balance perspective would be expected to enable occupational therapists to more effectively address functional limitations for this population. Utilize primary sources (in addition to the article in question) to support your assertions.
  • Based on the selected Life Balance perspective, design an occupational therapy intervention plan to address the identified functional limitations for this population, and describe your intervention plan in detail. Specify your recommended time frame for the duration of your intervention as well as the expected results in terms of targeted long-term and short-term goals. Include interdisciplinary collaboration strategies. If relevant, include advocacy approaches as well.

1. Include an introductory paragraph and a concluding paragraph. Use headings to organize your information. Create headings from the instructor’s questions, in the same order.

2. Not counting the cover page or the references page, this paper should be 5 pages in length, double spaced in size 12 font, with one-inch margins.

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