Organizational Design Management Homework Help

Our text provides a thorough review ofvarious organizational design structures; let’s investigate our ownorganizational design preferences. Describe your current or most recentemployer’s organizational design (mechanistic, organic, hybrid). Is the structureconsistent with the company goals? If you had the opportunity to redesign yourcurrent organization where you are employed, would you maintain its currentstructure, or change it to another model? What would that model be and why?

GreetingsClass! I look forward to our discussion this week. It will give you theopportunity to analyze your existing or previous employer in terms of theorganizational design. Was the organizational design in alignment with thecorporate goals? In addition, based on your understanding of the company andits design would you make changes and why? Please take time to really analyzeand provide points of analysis for our discussion this week.  I lookforward to seeing this information incorporated in your initial responses tothe thread this week. Please do not respond to this post. Let’s getstarted! 

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