Out Of Sight Speaker Company Assignment Help

EVERYONE is asked to participate in this in-depth case study, as part of your TDA evaluation for Week FIVE. I look to each class member to contribute at least twice during the week in this area and over two different days of the six that this case study will be available to you (Monday night through Sunday). 

As this is a case study that is intended to involve the entire class, no sitting on the curbside to watch the parade go by!  I want to see your answers to the questions posed.   Let’s minimize the “I agree with you” comments and, instead, post thoughtful postings that demonstrate strategic (not tactical) thinking.  🙂  Thanks!

Please go to DOC Sharing and download the Outofsight Speaker Company Case Study.  You are asked to investigate a potential wholesale distributor, Washburn Electronics, that has approached your company, i.e, Outofsight Speaker Company, relative to representing your line of quality audio speakers (used with stereo systems).

Your task is to gain information that will help you to make a recommendation to your Vice President of Channel Relations that will ultimately help Outofsight Speaker Company decide whether or not to make Washburn Electronics one of their authorized wholesale distributors.

Assume that you are meeting with Washburn Electronics senior management at their office in Paducah, Kentucky. Based on the scenario provided you, a) how would you approach this meeting with Washburn senior management, and b) what strategic questions would you THEN ask the senior management team, the answers to which would help you decide whether or not to bring this company on as an authorized Outofsight distributor will?

Focus FIRST on your strategy for this initial meeting. What needs to be accomplished? What needs to be communicated to Washburn management before we start hitting them with our dozens of questions?? 

>>> Once we decide on our strategy, I will then open the floor for your STRATEGIC-focused questions.  Please do not start off with questions.Focus FIRST on your strategy for this initial meeting.

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