Outline For Linguistics Literature Review Essay Help

I need an outline for a literature review for my Applied Linguistics class. I already have a thesis and data analysis completed, and now need to write a literature review. It needs to be a 3-4 page double spaced essay that focuses on my argument/thesis and uses literature references to support it and provide context. I have attached my proposal and data analysis to give a background of what my study is about. I’ve also attached my raw data. I need legitimate scholarly articles, preferably from Google Scholar or Jstor. I already have a few but I need around 4-5 references. I’ve attached 2 possible articles. Remember that this is a LITERATURE REVIEW.

Be sure to know exactly how to do this before you bid. If you have questions about the details/concepts about my study, private message me.

All I need is a detailed outline and structure, not a full paper.

When you finish the outline, send me a screenshot of it, not the original text file.

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