Parallelism Coordination Analytical Research Essay Outline English Homework Help

Hey! I have this assignment about writing an outline for the following thesis statement, it has to be about it.

  • How has the social media influenced the way in which we socialize with people on the internet as well as around us? The research will aim to uncover ways in which social media has changed people’s way of life. It will also aim to raise awareness of the forms of cyber bullying that is currently taking place on the internet and how it has affected the lives of its victims. This research will have detailed statistics showing percentages and numbers to give a vivid picture of what it’s addressing.

  •  you should be well aware of its expectations.

  • Develop a 1-2 page outline in preparation for the Analytical Research Essay. The outline should show the following features:
    • Parallelism
    • Coordination
    • Subordination
    • Division

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