Pareto Charts Using Your Data And Analysis Could You Say That 20 Of The Problems Could Increase 80 Of The Customer Satisfaction Why Or Why Not

Now that we have discussed the organization and the leader you are in order to implement your TQM into the organization, we need to go to work. Refer back to your initial data collection from the first module. It is time to review your data and create a Pareto Chart and Stratification for your analysis.

First, you will create a Pareto Chart from your data using the template below. This will take some time and be unique to your data and interpretation of the data collected.

After you have completed your Pareto Chart with your data, write up your findings and answering the following questions:
What are your findings of problem areas from your data versus occurrences?

  1. Using your data and analysis could you say that 20% of the problems could increase 80% of the customer satisfaction? Why or Why not?
  2. Would using stratification of your data be useful in determining root cause? Why or Why not?
  3. Are further observations needed? If so, explain.

Submit your 1-2 page document analysis and include your Pareto Chart bar graph in your word document. You can copy and paste the table directly in your paper or screen shot will also work or simply attach the second document.

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