Paris Peace Conference History Homework Help

Discussion response needed:

The Paris Peace Conference has beenharshly criticized, and for good reason. Looking at the Peace Conferenceas a whole and their want for peace among nations seems like a greatdeal. However, it didn’t follow through the way it was imagined.

The first major problem I see with the Paris Peace Conference is thefact that Germany was not invited. Although Germany was the wicked stepchild of the world, they should have still been involved. Germany diddeserve to be punished harshly, but they should have still been involvedin a Peace Conference that promoted WORLD peace. Withholding aninvitation to Germany, then backing them into a corner to sign a peacetreaty, is a recipe for disaster. Achieving overall peace is onlypossible if ALL parties are included in the discussion process. It isimpossible to force a criminal to accept their wrongdoings and agree to atreaty. This was proved true with Germany. Humiliating them and forcingthem to sign the peace treat added fuel to the fire.

One of the punishments they had to accept was to pay all warreparations. The parties involved in the Peace Conference could havetaken those reparations and spread them amongst the allies of Germany.This could have helped soften the blow to Germany, while still punishingthem harshly. 

When looking at any country, my first thoughts are to look at theirleader. Germany as a whole was punished for the war, but in my opinion,Wilhelm did not face what he deserved. Wilhelm and his involvementshould have been looked at and a punishment should have been moreadequately enforced. 

Lastly, while reading The Peace Settlement, I noticed a large overallproblem with the Paris Peace Conference. It was stated that “we werepreparing not Peace, only, but Eternal peace”. In my opinion, this isnot realistic. There is no way they could have obtained “eternal peace”while just focusing on the punishment of Germany.

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