Personality Types And Type Of Substance Abuse Law Homework Help

Personality Types and Type of Substance Abuse                                                                                               P8
part 1 on own paper
For this discussion, you will use information from two of the articles -Van Dorn, Volavka, and Johnson’s 2012 article, “Mental Disorder and Violence: Is There a Relationship Beyond Substance Use?,” and Vinkers, Beurs, Barendregt, Rinne, and Hoek’s 2011 article, “The Relationship Between Mental Disorders and Different Types of Crime.”
In your main post:
Describe the relationship between personality types or personality disorders and a drug of choice. Does the research you found support that there is or is not a relationship between personality characteristics and a preferred drug of choice?
Identify if there are legal implications, such as the types of charges, the legal precedent for the charges, and foundational case law, for these types of correlations.
Discuss your perspective on the forensic assessment tool and whether it is useful for the criminal justice process.

part 2 on own paper
Substance Abuse – Is It a Disease?

In your main post:
Provide two specific examples of the behaviors of criminals that may be associated with an offender’s substance abuse.
Identify each example as one of the tripartite conceptual model types of drug-related crimes.
Explain whether the criminals in your examples should be sent to a regular court and be jailed or sent to drug court and receive treatment.

In preparation for this discussion, review the videos
AND  read about the tripartite conceptual model proposed by Paul Goldstein (1985). Goldstein identifies three main types of drug-related crime: (1) psychopharmacologically driven crime, (2) systemic crime, and (3) economically compulsive crime.

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