Pick A Molecule Write A Cover Letter And CV For The Molecule As Explained In The Cover Letter Project Writing Homework Help

Pick a molecule, write a cover letter and CVfor the molecule as explained in the Cover Letter Project.pdf. Turn inyour document here. Make sure to name your document with your last nameand your molecule.

Every time youapply for a grant or an academic position, you’re invariably asked tosubmit a two-page curriculum vita (CV). Yes, narrow down your entirelife to two pages. The purpose of this activity is to give you an ideaof what a CV looks like, and at the same time, allow you to have alittle fun with molecules. Yes, you now need to assume the identity of amolecule! You are applying for a job with a corporation known as GatorChemical and your persona is that of a molecule!

This project is acreative writing assignment that involves applications of a molecule ofyour choosing. Select the molecule wisely! It has to qualify for theposted job. The PDF below will serve as your guide.

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