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Johnson, Janet Buttolph and H.T. Reynolds. 2012. Political Science Research Methods. Seventh Edition. Washington,DC: CQ Press. 

Throughout this semester I have been discussing so-called scientific research methods for political science. We’ve had a fairly loose definition of science but for the most part science has been defined in terms of positivism and has tracked through a very specific set of steps

A positive question is posed that asks about some state of political reality.

The literature review reveals who else has examined this question and what have they found.

From the review you develop your own thesis (answer to the question) by doing one or some combination of the following:

Disagreeing with what has been done before and developing your own thesis

Combining and synthesizing what has been done before into a new and better thesis

Accepting what has been done before and replicating prior research to validate prior observations.

Noting that no one has really studied this issue and you pioneer new theory

You develop hypotheses that state what you expect to find if your thesis is valid.

You test the hypotheses

Based on those tests you make conclusions about the validity and usefulness of your thesis.

How well can this method be applied to political research? What are its benefits? What are its limits. 

please answear in about 400 words 

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