Power Of Art Bemini Assignment Help

1. Watch a 57-minute documentary about Bernini’s work, ‘Power of Art – Bernini’: 

2. Take notes on the film.

3. Since we, unfortunately, can’t take a class field trip to Rome to see Bernini’s work in person in museums and galleries, I am bringing his work to you. Consider the following questions:

– How is the experience of seeing Bernini’s work in a film different from two-dimensional photographic representations?

– What do you notice by being shown his work in the round that you might not notice in a photo?

4. Watch a three-minute teaching video about Bernini’s ‘Apollo and Daphne: 

– How do these art historians discussion of this piece differ from the documentary?

– What is interpretation and what is fact?

its a 2 part discussion (no more then 8-10 sentences) for each part ……

part one is from 1 to 3 

part two is from 4 and the questions below  

i can post other students work as an example for each part 

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