Precedent And Causation In Law Enforcement Assignment Help

Precedentand Causation in Law Enforcement


In this assignment, you will explain theconcept of precedent, address how precedent has played a part in the evolutionof criminal law, and how precedent-setting cases have provided interpretationfor criminal law and criminal procedure in conjunction with the impact of theserulings on law enforcement in the context of causation. Complete the following:

· Explain the concept and the role ofprecedent, in a criminal procedural and criminal law context, as they pertainto law enforcement officers’ handling of criminal cases.

· Summarize two precedent-setting cases inthe areas of criminal law and criminal procedure dealing with the issue ofcausation.

· Illustrate how your selected cases impactlaw enforcement officers.

· Explore why it is important for lawenforcement officers to understand the impact of precedential cases.

Additional Requirements

 Requiredpage count: 3–4, not including the cover page or the references page.Format according to APA guideline

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