Principles Of Biology Writing Homework Help

Principles of Biology  

Life History Research Outline

A.  Description & Morphology

1. scientific name, common name, synonyms

2. pelage (outer covering not including underlying skin) –patterns—molts

3. measurements–total length, tail, appendages, weights, etc.

B.  Distribution

1. geographic—map of range in proper scale: MI, North America, World

2. organism ecology

a. habitat, description (physical, biological, climatic, etc.)

b. nests, dens, shelters, (physical description and size)

c. habits—nocturnal, diurnal, crepuscular, true hibernation, etc.

d. home range—size, migrations (dates and destinations)

e. territory—size, shape, defense (male, female, family, etc.)

C.  Reproduction

1. potential reproduction capacity

a. gestation

b. actual number of young produced per year (per litter, male to female ratio)

c. courtship patterns, behavior

d. care of young—by male, female, or both

e. age—sexual maturity, natural life span, maximum life span

D.  Food Habits

1.  mechanics

a. securing food—browsing, grazing, capture feeding, scavenging

b. food storage—when, where, how, how long

c. eating portions and manner of eating

2.  food eaten—kinds, quantities, preferences

E.  Economic Relationship

1. influence on environment

2. relationship with humans

a. as food, fur, sport, etc.

b. public health influences

F. References—proper APA or MLA style. Compile everyone’s references into ONE list of references in the same style if you are doing group research.

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