Principles Of Pharmacology Health And Medicine Homework Help

1. Of the many types of data plots that are used to help explain the pharmacodynamics
of drugs, which plot is very useful for determining the total
number of receptors and the affinity of a drug for those receptors in a tissue
or membrane?
a. Graded dose-response curve
b. Quantal dose-response curve
c. Scatchard plot
d. Double-reciprocal plot
e. Michaelis-Menten plot
2. Which route of administration is most likely to subject a drug to a firstpass
a. Intravenous
b. Inhalational
c. Oral
d. Sublingual (SL)
e. Intramuscular

3. Two drugs may act on the same tissue or organ through independent
receptors, resulting in effects in opposite directions. This is known as
a. Physiologic antagonism
b. Chemical antagonism
c. Competitive antagonism
d. Irreversible antagonism
e. Disposition

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