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    You are the nutritional coach for a local high school football team. You realize that some of the players are not up to par having returned from summer break. Realizing nutrition plays a key in a productive team, you decide to implement a Body Mass Index Program.

    Write a modularized Body Mass Index (BMI) Program which will calculate the BMI of a team player. The formula to calculate the BMI is as follows:

    BMI = Weight *703 / Height^2

    Note: Height^2 means, the value of Height raised to the power of 2.

    Your program should utilize the following functions:

    • A method to obtain the weight of a player
    • A method to obtain the height of a player
    • A method to calculate the BMI of a player
    • A method to display the height, weight, and calculated BMI

    For this project:

    • You will submit your python code in either the original .py file, or copied into a .txt file.
    • A screenshot of your code having been executed (run). How to Take a Screenshot

    Tips: Remember, changing a value that has been passed into a function does not change the original value. Data passed into functions are only copies of the original value.

    Remember to follow the guidelines of good program design. Make sure to use meaningful variable names, include comments as needed, and provide thoughtful output.

    Remember, while you can pass as many arguments into a function as you want, but a function can only return one thing at a time. Ideally, to use a function to modify a variable or object, you will pass that object into the function, along with any other needed information to make the modifications, make the modifications to the new local copy of the object inside of the function, and then return the modified object. Thus, you will overwrite the original object with the returned modified object.

    • example 1: object1 = modifyFunction( object1 ) #returns modified object1
    • example 2: object1 = modifyFunction( object1, newData ) #returns modified object1

    Example output:


    Welcome to the BMI Index Calculator.

    Please begin by entering the student’s name, or 0 to quit: Nathan

    Please enter student’s height in inches: 70

    Please enter student’s weight in pounds: 135

    Nathan ‘s BMI profile:


    Height: 70″

    Weight: 135 lbs.

    BMI Index: 19.4

    Enter next student’s name or 0 to quit: Toby

    Please enter student’s height in inches: 73

    Please enter student’s weight in pounds: 310

    Toby ‘s BMI profile:


    Height: 73″

    Weight: 310 lbs.

    BMI Index: 40.9

    Enter next student’s name or 0 to quit: 0

    Exiting program…

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