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You are to read the case study and answer ALL EIGHT (8) of the following 8 questions relating to the project, and in particular, to Scope, Time, Cost, risk, quality and procurement.

The answers should be prepared and presented as if they were a part of a business report outlining a project plan and  prepare a budget or timeline for the project. Instead, describe how the plan will be developed, using the questions provided.

Please keep each answer short, in the range of ½ to 1 page in length. You do not need to provide a long essay format answer – bullet or table format for each answer (and possibly a flow chart if relevant) is quite acceptable.

The details are in the uploaded file

The topics/questions for Assessment Report  are as follows:

Business Case

Summarise the case project (point form) according to your understanding of the brief under the following categories:

•Project Objectives;

•Key Performance Indicators; (ie measure of success)

•Major Deliverables; and Major Milestones.

Stakeholder management

Summarise the major stakeholders in this project. What are the main issues that will concern them? How would you manage their concerns and interests? What problems might you encounter in managing specific stakeholders?


Prepare a brief diagram or table documenting a Work Breakdown Structure for this project, showing major areas of work and deliverables/milestones. You should use the milestones and/or deliverables in this project as the top level of your WBS.

•Project Schedule

Do NOT prepare a schedule, but instead prepare a table listing major areas of work from your WBS, and describe the methods you would use to obtain time and effort estimates for each area of work) and who would be responsible for providing that information or estimate.

Project Budget

Do NOT prepare a budget, but instead prepare a table showing major activities from your WBS, the resources required to do that work and the method to be used to obtain a quotation or cost estimate fo reach item.

(Consider personnel, materials and equipment / facilities required in your resource planning)


List 4 of the most probable or highest impact risks in this project in a table and describe their priority and how you might manage them if they occurred.

•Quality Controls

What are the major items in this case study that require some quality standards and quality control? (You may list them in a table). What methods would you recommend?


Prepare a list of any work that will require a sub-contractor or supplier. Describe the types of contract you plan to use for each supplier and why you think that method of contracting will be beneficial.

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