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Ijust found out that my 15 month old son has to have emergency surgeryand I don’t want to fall behind on the project so I am asking for help. Here is the project overview for the entire project.  I did the memopart and attached it below.  The assignment information is listed afterthe review.  There are two templates mentions which I also attached.  Iattached the whole project because I am afraid that I might need helpwith the rest of it as well so this way whoever helps me with the firstpart I might come back to you for more help depending how my sonsrecovery goes.  Thank you so much in advance for this.  I can’t affordto fall behind right now I am taking three classes right now and I justdon’t think I can keep up with this part of the one class.Project Overview

Belowis the scenario for the course project assignment. You are assuming therole of the project manager for a company (you select the name) toprovide a new product (Backpack with built in refrigerated pouch andradio module) to a customer ( U.S. Army, Ground Forces and SpecialOperations). Each week you will be presented additional information onthe project and will be required to produce a weekly deliverable insupport of the project.

The courseproject is designed to address the course objective as well asincorporate each of the weekly modules objectives. You will be requiredto submit a final paper on the project addressing all of the objectivesdescribed in the project summary.


Your companywas recently awarded a delivery contract on a new product (see below).You were newly hired by the company; you will assume the role as theassigned program manager overseeing the design, development, productionand delivery of the new product. The details below provide a summary tothe course project:

  • Company type (name your company): A small defense contractor located in the United States of America
  • Company size (employees): 100
  • Product: Backpack with built in refrigerated pouch and radio module
  • Awarded quantity: 200 units (100 assigned to Ground Forces / 100 assigned to Special Operations)
  • Program Budget: Proposed award: $1,500,000
  • Customer: U.S. Army, Ground Forces and Special Operations
  • Award date: September 1, 2015
  • Completion date: March 1, 2017
  • Delivery schedule: 100 units 12mths ARO (after receipt of order). 50 units every 3 months after first delivery
  • Milestone Schedule:
    • First delivery: September 1, 2016
    • Second delivery: December 1, 2016
    • Last delivery: March 1, 2017
    • First milestone payment (from customer): October 30, 2015
    • Second Milestone payment: January 30, 2017
    • Final Milestone payment: May 30, 2017
    • Initial Program review (at the customer’s site): November 16, 2015
    • Subsequent Program reviews: 6 months after the initial review

Expected Result from Senior Management:

  • On-time delivery for the three stated product deliverables
  • Desire to complete the total program under the stated budget of $1,500,000
  • All milestones accomplished by due dates listed
  • Supplemental (follow-on) contract for future additional units (backpacks)

Due Date

Your final project is due in Module 06. There will be individual assignments along the way. The module they are due is noted in the time line below.

Time Line




Memo to Executive Staff


Identify Overall Scope and Analyze Unexpected Events


Statement of Work (SOW) and Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)


Quantify, Qualify, and Evaluate Project Risks


Finalize Project Schedule and Mitigate Any Delays


Prepare a Final Project Report


The final report due in Module 06 will be 8-10 pages in length. Included in the final project report will be the following:

  1. Executive summary
  2. Project background / project overview
  3. Major Activities / Milestones
  4. Project Closure synopsis
  5. Project metrics Performance
  6. Project Management Issues
  7. Project Closure Recommendations


Project Scope Document

Thisassignment has two parts. In the FIRST part of this assignment, youwill use the Project Scope Document template (linked below). In theSECOND part of this assignment, you will use Tab 2 of the ProjectSchedule Template (also linked below). Tab 2 will provide you with theunexpected events information needed to complete your analysis.

Part I

Develop the project scope document (no more than 3 pages long) to include the following information:

  • Project Description
  • Project Assumptions
  • Project goals
  • Project constraints (if any)
  • Project limitations
  • Project milestones
  • Project risks (initial assessment)

Please use the template linked below to develop your project scope document.

Project Scope Document Template

The Project Scope needs to be developed prior to any analysis of unexpected events.

Analysis of Unexpected Events

Part 2

Ina separate Word document, provide an analysis of unexpected eventsusing the Project Schedule Template below (the unexpected events arelocated in Tab 2 of the document). In your analysis, you should discussfour areas affected by these unexpected events. Three of the areas ofthe project affected by the events should include changes to budget,human capital, and impact to schedule. Identify one additional areaaffected by these events.

Project Schedule Template

Please submit your assignments in one zip file.

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