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Imagine that you are developing a public relations plan for a business you frequently patronize. Identify a problem or opportunity facing that business. Explain in detail how you might apply each of the four basic steps of a public relations plan (see ” Conceptualizing the Public Relations Plan” in Chapter 5) when developing a plan for that business to address the problem or opportunity.
Chapter 5, “Implementing Public Relations Programs,” discusses a number of public relations duties. Choose the most challenging of these duties and explain why it is more difficult than the others• Research on the Internet a recent public relations campaign that was undertaken to address a corporate scandal or misbehavior by a government official or celebrity, and study what part ethics played in the campaign, whether positively or negatively. Be prepared to discuss.






Activity 1

The Gun Violence crisis at Walmart

Walmart did not publicly take a moral stand against guns and weapon sales. This showed Walmart laxity to protect its consumers as well as the society at large.


Public relations can help in earning the trust of both controlled and uncontrolled media. A Public relations team can comfortably develop a public relations plan to help businesses achieve their goals or solve their problems. For instance, a business has the best talents, but its competitors are taking up all the market share can implement a strategic communication plan to gain a competitive edge.

Initially, I will analyze the business differentiator of what makes them stand apart from the competition. At the same time, I will design a research program to gather additional information to make accurate decisions. Secondly, I will state the goals and objectives of the plan. The goal will be to create testimonials and case studies that position the business as industry leaders. The next step involves deriving actionable strategies available to the organizations (21books, 2020). For instance, the organization can ask credible third-party endorsements to write reviews for the business. Consequently, I will select the tone, style, content of the message, gestures, etc.

The next phase involves the selection of the communication tactics best suitable to relay the message.  In this scenario, I will employ the face to face communication and news media. Afterward, I will create a budget and schedule that befits the business. Finally, I will evaluate and assess whether the business has attained industry fame to modify or continue with the plan.

The main duties of public relations involve earning trust, building branding awareness, and establishing valuable relationships. While these three roles revolve around communicating news, building brand awareness is the most difficult as it requires collaboration with social media and content marketing teams to do well.


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