Purl Pickars Spark shorts

After the introduction, the chief element you should note here is how the essay uses counter-arguments. Can you see how many paragraphs open with reasons related to parent representation in Disney? After introducing those objections, the essay writer goes on to identify why those concerns are not sufficient in Finding Nemo. The writer then develops arguments for why Marlin is a good parent.

This style of essay development is sometimes called the “Set ‘Em Up, Knock ‘Em Down” approach. Oftentimes, this style begins paragraphs with an “Although” clause that introduces the point that is to be discredited. Using a counter-argument shows your reader that you have considered the issue from both sides, and not only can you argue in favour of your point of view, but you can identify flaws in the opposition’s stance.

Use the short story Purl Pickars and write a body paragraph for an essay that uses a counter-argument. Begin with “Although,” “While,” or other suitable word to introduce the counter-argument, and then construct the paragraph in such a way to identify flaws in that idea.

B.R.O Capital Purl by Pixar Pickars SparkShorts Although, Purl finds herself into a fast paced start up called B.R.O Capital. As a new employee, she comes prepared bringing her own belonging with a bright smile as she attends her first day. She tries to make jokes with the males at the office but no one seems to take her seriously. She attends the staff meeting, and is eager to share her ideas, but they choose to ignore that she is even there. Purl was excited to start this job and had confidence with who she is, just until the males in the office showed her that looking and dressed the way she is, is not good enough. So, Purl changes her entire demeanor and appearance to fit in, she compromises who she is to become one of the boys. She changes her shape to be straighter and flat, donning to look like them, and began to tell inappropriate jokes in the office. The males portrayed that they started to notice her now, they made jokes with her, listened to her ideas, and even asked her to hangout with them afterwork. They encouraged that being like a male was the way to fit in and now Purl then starts to think is this really worth it

















Purl Pickars Spark shorts

While settling in her new job Purl faces immense discrimination and gender inequality. Although she is friendly and continuously tries to establish rapport with her male colleagues nobody took her seriously. Even in staff meeting her colleagues do not acknowledge her presence. As the discriminationatory behavior and mean comments continued, Purl was convinced to change her dressing and appearance to become one of the boys. With now a more straighter and flat donning demeanor Purl looks more like her male colleagues. She now starts making mean and inappropriate jokes to capture their attention. As expected the portrayed males start to notice her and even asked to hang out with them after work. Then they started encouraging her that being like a male is the only way to fit in and now Purl then starts to think is this really worth it. Traditionally purls are abided by the Purls message which states that Purls should adapt to their new and unwelcoming environment (Alex). After this the Purls use that trust to influence others into not hating or changing the always were. Essentially this transforms the toxic work cultures as it gives people the opportunity to be themselves again.

Purl is put to test when another ball of yarn is hired and she is torn in between keeping her new found identity or changing the deep rooted culture of changing their entire appearance and attitude to fit in. Purl decides to change the continuous cycle of toxic environment and pledges to unite with other yarns to embrace diverse genders and skin tone in the workplace.

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