Questions For Responding To Fiction In English 2328 Assignment Help

Questions for Responding to Fiction in English 2328

Use these questions below to guide you as you complete your reading responsesfor short stories (fiction). I suggest that you choose only a few questions toanswer in your response–but make the response a paragraph–don’t numberyour responses. You will probably notice that some of the questions are similarand that some of the responses may overlap–that’s fine. Your response shouldreflect your own thoughts and analysis of the story. Your response to eachstory should be at least 200 words (but will probably be longer) and shouldshow that you have read the story carefully. You should mention the names ofcharacters, details from the story that support your response, incidents in thestory that affect your reading of it, etc. You must use quotations from thestories in your responses. 

                                    PLEASE DO NOT SUMMARIZE!!!

1. What did you like about the story? What did you dislike? Why?

2. Who is your favorite character? Is he or she like you in any way? Would youmake the same decisions (or react in the same ways) in the same situations asthis character? Why or why not? Which characters remind you of people you know?

3. What did you learn about American history, society, art, literature,philosophy, science (etc.) from this story? What research might you do to helpyou understand the story better?

4. What did you learn about life from the story?

5. In what ways do you identify with the story?

6. How would you describe the writer’s style or voice? Style includes use ofirony, symbolism, figurative language, point of view, etc.
Here’s an interesting checklist of literary style that you might find helpful: Checklist: Elements of Literary Style

7. What are your favorite sentences, passages, words, etc. from the story?Explain your choice.

8. What would you tell a friend about this story?

9. Who would you recommend this story to and why?

10. What value does this story have for you?

11. What connections do you find between the life of the author and his or herwork?

12. What questions did you have after you finished the story?

13. What words did you look up?

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