Race Has Long Been A Divisive Issue In America Research Paper Help

I am looking for a 5 page research paper APA style not including reference and cover page. It must be based off the  outline below:

Race has long been adivisive issue in America. Since the inception of the United States, race andethnicity has played a role in political and social interactions. For the first150 years of this republic, race was not an ideal situation. Discriminationagainst, blacks, Latinos, Jewish, and Asian peoples was a very public ordeal.White people, for the most part, where more privileged and held more standingin social and political arenas than those of other races.


Sullivan,S. The Hearts and Guts of White PeopleJournal of Religious Ethics.Dec2014, Vol. 42 Issue 4, p591-611. 21p.

  In this article Ms. Sullivan delves into the modernracial issues that are in America. She talks of how white and black people areaffected by racism and when they react to it. She also goes into how racism isbred into generation after generation. The talk of white privilege in the senseof how it can biologically and mentally affect white people.

Freie, C. AverageAmerican Teenager? White-working-class high school students navigate race,privilege, and opportunity (2012). Scholarly Article


  Inthis article the author talks to white middle class kids and how they relate toregular teens. They talk of how their whiteness is a disadvantage at times.There is also discussion as to how most middle class white kids act like urbangangsters. Some of the teens have a difficult time identifying with their raceand understanding the white privilege label affixed to them based solely ontheir skin color.

Lund, C. L., & Colin, S. A. J., III. (Eds.). (2010). WhitePrivilege and Racism: Perceptions and Actions. New Directions for Adult andContinuing Education, 125. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass. 104 pp. ISBN:978-0-470-63162-1 (paperback).

  Lundwrites about racism in America. How racism affects the corporate world andother institutions of business. He goes on about his research in how racism isingrained in white people, sometimes without them realizing it.

    What I have learned so far is howracism is alive and well in America whether we want to believe it or not. Thetheory of white privilege is most of used as a trump card for someone to playthe race game. There are multiple theories and innuendos concerning whiteprivilege, but with the way America operates today that is a thing of the past.

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