Ratio Analysis Annual Balance Sheets And Income Statements For Dow Chemical Company Economics Homework Help

Project #1 (Ratio Analysis)

1.  Get the annual balance sheets and incomestatements for Dow Chemical Company and oneother competitive company.  Youmay use each company’s homepage or internet finance related pages, such as www.finance.yahoo.com, to get thedata.

2.  Construct the ratio table such as Table 4-7on p.102.

  (You may exclude the following ratios;Market value added, Market   tobook ratio, EVA, Payout ratio, and Sustainable growth.)

3.  Unload  your file to the Canvas with five worksheetsof which each worksheet designates the ratio table, balance sheet and incomestatement of each company, respectively, (do not just list the link) by 3:00 pmon Tuesday, June 7. 

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