Re Tell A Well Known Story Historical Fable Fairy Tale Children S Story Literary Play Writing Homework Help

Do you think you can come up with three half page (or more) journal entries for the week?

All you need to do is keep writing about what happens to you each day.

Or at night – many writers write down their dreams in journals.

Some other possible things to write, related to “point of view,” your focus for the week. Write one to two pages.

  1. Re-tell a well-known story, historical, fable, fairy tale, children’s story, literary play –  from a different point of view, such as a minor character or animal. You might want to use a Bible story, or a Greek myth, or one of the tales from the Ramayana.
  2. Describe a recent experience when you did something with a friend or family member. But tell it from the point of view of the other person – or a pet.

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