Read The Article Above Based On The Movie Star Trek The Next Generation The Measure Of A Man Project Help

Read the article above based on the movie, Star Trek: The Next Generation  “The Measure of a Man”. You may watch the TWO EPISODES BELOW, link at youtube video ( h?v=H7E5cT4foA8) 

2. Discuss in this paper the following (1 paragraph for each):

a. (Par 1)What is the story about, what is the main issue discussed in the movie thriller? Describe the metaphysical problem involved in the story?

 b. (Par 2) Who is really “Data”—what do you think is the identity of this “being” in the world (if this is truly real)? Why? Can I used “he” or “it” to describe such being? Is he human? Is it a machine? What makes him unique machine? Characterize Data being a machine has human being’s qualities.  What are these qualities? Reproducing many of this machines can be called a “race”? Is this correct?

c. (Par 3) Data refused to undergo procedures to be examined, to be dismantled, and  be reproduced? Is he/it free? What does it mean for him to be free? Discuss the issues for granting Data his right to refuse, or shall anyone force him to undergo the procedures? Why?

d. (Par 4) Is this movie metaphysical? Is this a fundamental problem of philosophy? A metaphysical problem? What can you conclude as important for us humans to learn from the movie? At the end, JAG officer made a ruling. Is the ruling right granting Data his right to refuse? Comment on this.

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