Recall Your Favorite Activities Hobbies When You Were A Child And Explain Why They Were Of Interest To You Then Ped212 Journal

If tutor is male, please write a script, so I can do the voice myself

Week One Journal

Recall your favorite activities/hobbies when you were a child and explain why they were of interest to you then.  Next, share the activities/hobbies that you currently participate in and explain the importance of them to your present situation.  Critically reflect on the two lists and explain why you think there are differences or similarities.

Are any of the activities on either list considered physical activities?

  1. If so, communicate any actions you might take to increase your current level of physical activity or any choices you might make that would promote a healthy lifestyle.
  2. If not, then reflect on the reasons why physical activity was not or is not an activity that you preferred. (e.g. possible social/environmental factors or physical difficulties)

Please use one of the below formats to complete your Journal:

  • Written reflection journal
  • Jing reflection using a screencast
  • Voki reflection using a talking avatar

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