Recruitment and selection


Instruction: There are TEN (10) questions in this assignment. Answer all the questions.

Your answer should be between 100 – 150 words for each questions.

Case study : Read the situation and write the answer for the questions given. (10QX5M=50Marks)

Assignment case :1 (5Marks)

Badr Al Samaa is one of the networks of hospitals and polyclinics in GCC with around 18

hospitals and medical centres across Oman, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Qatar.

They offer all major specialties and super-specialties, with over 400 highly-experienced world

class doctors. These professionals work in tandem with over 2000 nurses, paramedical staff and

other skilled support staff to provide outstanding medical care – care that’s also covered by most

of the insurance companies. Badar Al Sama Hospital, located at Muscat wanted to publish an

advertisement for the vacancy of Nurses – Male.

  1. a) You are the H.R. manager of the hospital, create an advertisement and prepare a well

formatted Application form for the Nurses – Male position.

(2+2=4 marks).

  1. b) What are the items to be included in an effective job advertisement check list? (1mark)

Assignment case :2 (5Marks)

Mohammed is a human resource manager. He works for Nesto Hyper market. There is a

vacancy for Sales manager in the organization. He wants to get the human resources with new

talents. He does not want the traditional way of doing things; but wants the creative problem

solving human resources with strategic mindset. He believes that each individual differs in many

areas like the ability and skills to handle a particular situation.

Discussion Questions:

  1. a) Evaluate the various types of tests used in selection process and explain the benefits of

conducting test in selection process.(4mark)

  1. b) Determine the test and Interview that is most appropriate for the present vacancy and

why? (1mark)

Assignment case :3 (5Marks)

ABC LLC is having 500 employees from different areas in Oman. The directors of the company

identified that the company become a training institute as most of their middle and lower level

employees are moving to other organizations. The company introduced a policy that from next

year all staff are required to attend training on ethics. It is planned that the training should be

completed within a month. The outcome is expected to reflect employee ethical values

demonstrated in their job and workplace. Head of Human Resource Department has planned that

employees will be assigned group by group to attend for the training. The company also decided

to train the recruitment team to improve their efficiency.Discussion Questions:

  1. a) In the context of the above case, what is the main challenge in the workplace . In your

opinion how they could overcome this challenges (2Marks)

  1. b) Identify the common recruiting challenges faced by the organizations globally.(3Marks)

Assignment case :4 (5Marks)

Dr. Safa is relatively new to the position of Medical Director at Hearts Diseases Centre (HDC)

and is very excited about her new role. Dr. Safa has watched Hearts failure issues grow in Oman

and has desired to play a more active role outside of the hospital setting.

Dr. Safa has a lot of ideas for HDC, but she has encountered difficulties managing her staff. Dr.

Safa’s clinical team of 5 physician’s assistants and 6 nurses works part time for HDC and part

time in the public sector. The clinical team is required to attend monthly team meetings, but few

if any of the team members regularly show.

Dr. Safa has repeatedly announced that these meetings are mandatory, but her proclamations

have had no effect. Lately Dr. Safa has become increasing frustrated with her team. She often

finds herself yelling at underperforming physician’s assistants or chastising lazy nurses.

Discussion Questions::

  1. a) Explain the issues faced by Dr. Safa. (2 Marks)
  2. b) Illustrate the various types job / work under Oman Labor Law and how the part time

jobs are treated in Oman Labor Law .(2Marks)

  1. c) If you are Dr. Safa , how this issues will be solved? (1Marks)

Assignment case :5 (5Marks)

Imagine yourself as an HR manager at Bank Sohar. The profit gained by the bank is rapidly

increasing annually. The number of customers opening saving and current accounts with the

Bank is also rising. Meantime, the administration department has a job vacancies that need to be

filled which is General Manager (Training). Therefore your responsibility implies developing a

successful recruitment strategy that fits with the existing situation and condition of the company

for vacancy.

Discussion Questions:

  1. a) The management wants you to prepare the Job descriptions and Job Specification for the

position. (3 marks).

  1. b) Differentiate job description and job specification and explain the benefits of preparing

job description. (2 Mark)Assignment case :6 (5Marks)

Michael is the general manager of ABC Company. In a routine day visit, Michael met the

human resource manager, Joyce, to discuss a complaint from the Manager ( production

department) about the non-availability of skilled employees in a production department. They

has decided to draw a recruitment Strategies for the organization.

Discussion Questions:

  1. a) Explain different types of recruitment Strategies. (3 Mark)
  2. b) What types of Strategies they should follow and why?. (2 Mark)

Assignment case :7 (5Marks)

Good communication is important to develop interpersonal skill in an organization. Employees

are most likely to be well motivated and to work hard for organizations where there are well

organized multi-directional communication flows. Dr. Imran, CEO. of Vital Smarts in UAE.

Dr. Imran has sent an email to Mr. Said, Assistant Manager (Training) and his team to improve

the roles and functions of training and development department. The attrition rate of the

company is almost 40%. He wants the staff in the department understand and perform their roles

to support Vital Smarts “Please look into 10 technicians who have just being hired. All new hires

should complete all trainings required without fail. We are going to introduce online test as

assessment after training, within the first three months for them to complete, and please prepare

report”, said Dr. Imran. Mr. Said is preparing relevant documents including performance

evaluation after training. He will brief employees on training in detail.

Discussion Questions::

  1. a) Critically analyze the Classifications of Communication, what are the different types of

communication used in this case by the authorities.(3Marks)

  1. b) Illustrate the basic model for interpersonal communication developed by Shannon and

Weaver (2Marks)Assignment case :8 (5Marks)

Goldman Sachs, financial services, U.K., keep on sending their employees from a few branches

to overseas assignment. 20 employees will be sent in January next year. These employees will be

sent to Japan. Korea, Norway and Finland,. “Why to sent the people from here why can’t we

recruit them from same place. I am thinking of this idea” said Mr. Mark ,the newly appointed

C.E.O. “In this phase, I just want them to understand the culture, values, business taboos, foods,

facilities, accommodation and other background of the country. As for those who will bring

spouse and children, getting information on school, activities during leisure time and other

related things will be more expensive. As each of the chosen candidates is technology savvy,

there should be no problem for them to access information on host country. Let’s this being the

first move to utilize technology”, he added. Once they complete this stage, he instructed HR

Department to organize another training session. The training should be designed to be more

fruitful for them. It shows that the management team concerns on their preparation and readiness

to move to the host country. Enough support will be provided for the expatriation.

Discussion Questions::

  1. a) In the context of the above case, what is the main challenge in the workplace . (1Marks)
  2. b) You are supposed to identify different sources of recruiting. (3Marks)
  3. c) In your opinion , which source is most appropriate to overcome this challenge (1Marks)

Assignment case :9 (5Marks)

The Nike employer brand is extremely powerful in attracting potential talent to the business

making the process of handling applications and supporting the resourcing process effectively

and efficiently critical to business success; implementing e-recruitment was identified as the way

to solve this businesses hiring problems.

“We have a firm policy that each applicant is a potential employee and customer and so we must

respond appropriately, in an individual letter where possible,” commented Rolien Hoogers,

EMEA staffing manager at Nike.

The issue Nike currently receives around 800 CVs each month. It has on average 100 to 120

open positions at any one time at Nike’s EMEA Headquarters (HQ) in Hilversum, the


These volumes used to place considerable pressure on the resourcing function to reduce the

administration and lead-time in the recruiting process. Handling the inflow of applications

became challenging as the regional HQ grew dramatically in size. This resulted in high numbers

of CVs circulating in the business whilst the company had little capability of tracking their

progress or handling enquiries from job applicants.

These problems led Nike to review their HR processes. The assessment demonstrated that the

company had to standardize its HR processes in an attempt to reduce duplication of effort.

Reducing the cost per hire and improving the overall quality of talent hired into the business

were key goals. Nike felt that achieving these objectives and improving effectiveness would help

to boost the company image.

Faster response times to applicants together with consistency in handling the administration

associated with each appointment would lead to improved internal effectiveness and efficiency.Discussion Questions::

  1. a) In the context of the above case, what is the major problems faced by “Nike” . (2Marks)
  2. b) How the evaluation of processes of selection done by the organizations.(2Marks)
  3. c) In your opinion how they could do to overcome this problem. (1Marks)

Assignment case :10 (5Marks)

Mr. Sam was employed at a hotel and was experiencing difficulties at his place of work. It was

suggested that he consider retirement. The company issued a written warning falsely alleging

that he left the premises without permission. He was also directed not to make contact with staff

members or with external contractors despite the fact that this comprised a major aspect of his

job. He was further excluded from management meetings although he had always previously

attended such meetings.

Mr. Sam approached his employer and expressed his concerns however no action had been

taken. As a result he felt that he was prevented from carrying out his work and was extremely

anxious about his situation.

Even though he is working with the company for 1 years he did not signed any contract. The

company claimed that he is still under probation and issued a notice to terminate him from the


Discussion Questions::

  1. a) Do you think that the company has the right to terminate him? Do he has the right to get

any compensation under Oman Labor law (2 Marks)

  1. b) What are the information that one should include while preparing the contract of work

according to Omani Labor law and what are the circumstance under which a contract of

employment can be terminated (3 Marks)














Advertisement for job vacancy

Student name

Course title









Question 1(a)


Badar Al Sama is a net of hospitals and polyclinics with more than 18 facilities across Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Kuwait. The successful candidates will be required to work at Badar Al Sama Hospital, situated in Muscat.

Position: Nurses- Male

Type of employment: permanent

Qualification and experience

  • Higher diploma or degree in nursing from a reputable institution
  • At least 2-year experience in a similar position within the industry
  • One must be computer literate

Job description

  • To administer treatments as well as medications
  • Monitoring the patient’s vitals.
  • Operating health apparatus

Age: minimum of 28 years

Application process: Filled application form, along with curriculum vitae, should be submitted to the human resource office.

HR Department

Badar Al Sama Hospital

Application Form

Badar Al Sama Hospital

Title: Surname: Phone:
Email: First name:  


qualification Institution From To Time of graduation
Higher diploma        


organization position From To

I ______________________________ do agree that the information given herein is true to the best of my knowledge.

Signed: ______________________________    Date: ______________________________________

(b) Organization description, job title, location of position and type of employment

Question 2(a)

  1. Integrity test- it helps in ensuring that organizations do not hire individuals who are dishonest, undisciplined and unreliable.
  2. Drug test- ensures that individuals hired are not under the influence of drugs, which may affect the decision-making process.
  3. Job knowledge tests- help in determining the professionalism of the candidate for the intended task.

By conducting the pre-employment tests, the organization can hire only qualified individuals who can deliver the organization’s objective. Thus, minimizing the rate of employee turnover, which increases the costs of employment.

(b) Skills evaluation test- Through this analysis, the interviewing panel will be able to determine the ability of the candidate to solve problems based on talents and creativity.

Question 3 (a)

The high employee turnover rate has affected the organization’s financial status due to the enormous costs associated with the recruitment and training of new employees. During the recruitment process, organizations allocate huge a lot of resources to drug tests for candidates, and practice recruits competent candidates. To control this, there is a need for the organization to ensure that only candidates who meet the necessary qualifications are hired.

Question 3 (b)

The Inexistence of qualified candidates since the majority of the applicant’s skills that match the requirement for the firm is leaving the organization.

Lack of a strong brand for employers thus lacks a capable le reputation to attract more persons to work for the organization.

Ineffective methods for advertising job opportunities, to reach a wide range of potential applicants that may meet the required skills.

Question 4 (a)

Dr. Safa has faced leadership issues that are associated with management changes. Besides her new role and initiative to enhance better performance, she has failed to engage her juniors in the decision making process on the changes required to enable support from the entire workforce.

(b) Fixed contract employment- this type of job dwells for a certain period in which employees are required to work for a specific time, after which the contract terminates on the expiry date.

Indefinite contract- is employment that dwells for an indefinite period, thus no expiry date. However, in case of termination, a notice is required.

Concerning the laws, employees can be employed for at least four hours daily and less than 25 hours a week.

(c) Offer incentives to the best-performing workers every month. There is a need to engage juniors in the decision-making process to enable determine the procedures to be followed to enhance effectiveness in work and improve workplace morale.

Question 5 (a)

Job description

General Manager (training) job description

The general manager is responsible for customer satisfaction by responding to customer’s problems in the banking system and accounts.

The general manager is expected to:

Apprising customers on the organization’s banking accounts

React to customers’ needs and challenges

Search for new customers


At least four year Experian in a managerial position

Have excellent communication skills

Bachelor degree in business management

Computer literate

Must be conversant with the laws guiding the banking sector

Job specification of general manager (training)

Job title:           general manager

Qualification:   at least a four-year experience in a managerial position

Unique attributes: computer literate

Familiar with laws guiding the banking system

Excellent interpersonal skills

Job profile:       Apprising customers on banking accounts

Adhering to customers’ needs

Looking for new clients

Reporting to: administration department


Job specification

The successful candidate needs to have excellent communication skills and the ability to create solid relationships with influential clients in the organizations. Moreover, problem-solving skills are essential in solving customers’ challenges in the banking system.

(b) Job description entails details of the responsibilities, functions, and features of a particular job in the firm. In contrast, job specification involves specification of skills, qualifications, and personal traits required from an individual to perform a specific task.

The job description is essential in that it aligns the duties of required employees with the vision of the organization, thus generates the interview questions.

Question 6 (a)

  1. Development of an employer brand that is clear. This will help in differentiating the organization from others in terms of enhanced working conditions for employees, thus attracting more candidates.
  2. Application of social media in targeting applicants- Through social media, organizations can access a large number of applicants globally, which enhances diversity within the organization.
  3. Development of job posts, which replicate the company since it helps in offering the first impression towards applicants, thus encouraging the rightful applicants who the organization’s culture.


To attract qualified and experienced persons, the organization should apply social media in advertising and creating a useful employee enhancement site where it indicates the benefits accrued by its employees, thus creating a difference that attracts employees from their competitors to seek greener pasture in the organization.

Question 7 (a)

In this context, the top executive employs form downward communication to relay his message to the subordinate. In particular, written communications in the form of emails are an effective method to send information, especially in arising matters.

(b) The model aimed at enhancing effectiveness during transmission between the sender and receiver.

Sender            encoder       channel      decoder      reception


In this case, information flows from the sender, through the transmitter, which is an encoder, via a channel where noise disrupts its effectiveness through the decoder, which is the reception before it reaches to the receiver who is the destination. Therefore, efficiency in communication is determined by the presence of noise due to the channel used.

Question 8 (a)

Lack of useful sources of recruitment especially in oversea countries

(b) From previous applicants – individuals who had applied for a job in the last time can be contacted and given a chance to undergo the recruitment process.

From recruiting software- organizations can use the software to access individuals who are seeking job opportunities.

From social media – to reach a wide range of persons, the use of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, among other social media, can be an effective platform for accessing suitable candidates for the organization. The majority of youths, who are most productive, are active users of social media, thus making it a suitable platform.

  1. c) Social media since it is possible to access different applicants from different nations

Question 9 (a)

The organization has a poor recruiting system due to a lack of adoption of an enhanced technology that manages the applicants’ documents and offers feedback automatically.

(b) Due to the high number of applicants and the lack of sufficient methods to manage and retrieve CVs for applicants, the organization has failed to maximize its effort in selecting the most suitable candidate for the positions.

(c) There is a need to adopt current technology on the way the handles, manages, and receives application documents to ensure they all the CVs to provide the best candidates are identified in the most cost and labor effective way.

Question 10 (a)

The company did not have the right to terminate the contract, and he deserved compensation. Besides claims that he was under probation, Article 24 of Omani law states that probation cannot be more than three months, and there was no notice besides the inexistence of a work contract to govern the two parties. Moreover, the competent authorities were not informed of the accusations.

(b) Name of employer and address for workplace

Name of employee, birth date, qualification, residence, and their nationality

Basic salary, allowances, and appropriate notice issued by either party in case of termination of the contract

The contract can be terminated in case the employee engages in activities against the code of ethics or incase the employee willingly decides to leave by giving notice.


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