Recycling Boxing And Packaging Showing Business And Finance Assignment Help

Please  provide feedback to the following problem.  Please provide 200 words,12 font times roman,citation,and references.

I continued to use green material – recycling boxing and packaging showing our organization is dedicated to being environmental aware; charitable contributions at 10 percent; ethnicity training/enforcement for all employees; and maintained diversity training mandatory for all the employees. The only change made was I increased energy efficiency initiative from 500 to 700.  Still considering that move, but I’ll see how it pays off.  

The main move I did was increase my shoe purchasing from $65 to $90 across the board.  My return on investment lead me in the red, and I needed for it to move towards the green at the end of each year.  If no change happens, I’ll be forced to increase it even higher in order for the production of the shoe to pay off.

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