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This is my discussion, I am only putting it here so you can get an idea of what I wrote. You do not need to respond to this. The reply will be to the post below the bold  portion that says post from Jane. 

My discussion- Marx’s primary argument is that morals and our thoughts aredesigned by our leaders and other powerful individuals to make us act like wedo. Marx believes that all our intellectual, social and political developmentis controlled and the social economic system is determined by what the ideas ofthe environment of a given era possesses. This means that human beings knowwhat they know and do what they do as a result of subliminal instructions thatare given or taught to them by their leaders and other very influentialindividuals. According to Marx the idea of morals has been made up so thathuman beings can follow a certain way of living that has been preset for them.

“An individual’s intellectual, political, and socialdevelopment is conditioned by the mode of production of the material means ofexistence. Those who control the social economic system in which human beingslive and work determine which ideas of history, art, religion and philosophythat prevail in a given era.” (pg.187). Basically, this means that what we aretaught or made to believe and our economic status is mostly predetermined andset so that the ruling class can benefit in its own way despite the fact thatwe are always told that we do all these things for our own good. Marx wassuggesting the fact that states that we exist just to satisfy the needs of afew individuals while the rest of the people do not know what was going on.

If thought of critically, it is true to say that Marx had astrong point because ever since the start of civilization there has always beenan emergence of leaders who will always want to have control of education,religion and other social economic activities that take place. Having thecontrol of these important aspects of life means that the leaders are able tocontrol what is taught in schools so that they can easily manipulate thesyllabus to their liking and portray themselves as the good guys, it is alsoeasy for them to manipulate what is preached through religion so that theirways are not judged by the believers. The leaders also want control of thesocial economic platform so that they have a lot of money to facilitate theirways of corruption.

The counterclaim would be to ask Marx how sure he is aboutthe claim and if he has any proof about what he is claiming. What if most ofthe leaders are rightfully chosen and have the best intentions for the people?Although a few of the leaders might be truthfully corrupt, this is agreeablebut not every communist is as bad as they have been portrayed by Marx. Byeliminating the bad leaders and ensuring that people have access to all theinformation, they will be able to decide for themselves what they want to use.

Basically, it is evident that we as humans cannot liveharmoniously without leadership, most animal species have always been known tohave a leader of their pack; it doesn’t really matter if it is good or badleadership. Sometimes bad leadership brings about the best productivity and thepeople get to choose better leaders from the lessons that are learnt from pastexperiences from the bad leaders. Therefore, it cannot be vividly proven thatthe philosophies of Marx were accurate because they do not carry much proof buthave some sort of truth to them.

I need a reply of at least 6 sentences to the discussionpost below. Please respond directly to the post.

Post from Jane- Marx was an idealist as opposed to amoralist, He thought morality was a tool of the ruling classes as way toexploit the working class. He felt much the same about religion. He believedpure reason did not exist and that moral standards could not exist without theconsideration of the economics of ones life. Marx believed through socialrevolt that the working class, uprising and workers controlling productionwould even the playing field and eliminate classes. Once achieved he believedthat moral principles would not needed since the cause (class distinction)would be removed. Marx offers proof of his core principle with following quote“The ideas of the ruling class are in every epoch the ruling ideas, i.e., theclass which is the ruling material force of society is at the same time itsruling intellectual class” (pg191)

I’m not saying Marx is wrong in theory only that hisidealism was an abject failure in practice. His arguments that classelimination removes conflict and thus the need for moral principles may holdtrue I’m not sure, on paper it looks nice. Desire and drive fuel innovation.And if I can expect nothing more than the next person has why would I do more.The system collapses in on itself.

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