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 A justice system that endures injustices based on racial and ethnicdiscrimination is bound to collapse. Moreover, the society cannot be peacefulif it supports only the privilege and discriminates the minority because suchan action only threatens a better quality life (Belknap, 2015). To enjoy abetter life in the society, we should all learn how to cope and live with eachother regardless of our differences in culture or races. The society thereforetogether with the criminal justice system should work towards eliminatingracial disparities within the system by setting up measures that aim at representingthe racial and ethnic minorities in justice professions. This paper discussesthe need for the judicial system to establish mechanisms that ensurerepresentation of racial and ethnic minorities as well as how to address theissue of interracial and interethnic conflict.

Representing Racial and Ethnic Minorities

 The international human rights law is responsible for protecting the right ofevery individual in the criminal justice system as much as those people outsidethe system. Therefore the mistakes or crimes committed by different individualsshould not be the reason for these people to be denied their rights orprivileges while in the system. Moreover the racial and ethnic disparitiesshould also not limit the protection that the offenders of the law are entitledto by the international human rights. According to the human rights all personshave a right to be protected from racial prejudice, detestation, and brutalitywithin the criminal justice system (Alston, Goodman, and Steiner, 2013).Therefore there is a continued need for the criminal justice system toestablish measures that ensure representation of racial and ethnic minoritiesin the justice professions.

Interracial and Interethnic Conflicts

 In the justice system as crimes within the nation continue to increaseoffenders are likely to be from different groups in the society. Moreover, oncethe various groups have to be placed in the same vicinity conflicts may developespecially if the justice system does not discourage discriminations based onrace and ethnicity. The justice system should address the issue of interracialand interethnic conflicts by taking measures that provide protection to allracial and ethnic groups. This act makes the different groups equal and reducesconflicts within the system since no group will be treated as superior to theother.

   Affirmative programs may be designed by thejustice system to prevent conflicts resulting from racial and ethnic discriminations.Moreover, the judicial system may encourage interethnic alliances that willlead to all minority groups having equal power within the system and as aresult hatred and violence will be reduced (Perrewe and Ganster, 2011). Thejustice system should not just set mechanics to reduce racial disparities butrather engage the groups in interactions and equal treatment that discouragesconflicts within the system.


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what are yourthoughts with regards to Racial Profiling?

· —  Profiling should be used to identify suspects andsolving crimes


· Profiling is generally used for racially biased anddiscriminatory purposes


· Blacks and Latinos are widely represented in most routinetraffic stops more than any other race


· These views come from the media and other stereotypes


· Can lead to brutality, false arrest, and false imprisonment

Respond to the bold paragraph ABOVE by using one of the option below… in APA format with At least two reference…..

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